What we do

IP-Config works alongside your management team to accelerate company performance, driving growth, concentrating and refining your company workflows and maximising returns – it’s rocket fuel for your business.

IP-Config innovation and growth advisory falls into four key service areas:

The process

Our advisory teams help identify innovation opportunities. We start with a strategic review understanding addressable markets, value proposition, value chain analysis and match this with product and market mix. Then we prioritise work streams against client objectives. For example most clients focus on sales growth first, moving quickly through better process, structure and reporting to maximise existing activity. This is followed by the cultural and structural changes to include innovation into day to day business and leverage new revenue from that activity.

As client’s business grows other work streams are often needed, from working capital planning, reporting, govenance, margin analysis, Interlectual Property ring fencing, to remuneration and motivation for Human Capital. IP-Config can supply many of the skillsets required and if necessary recommend third party suppliers too.

The benefits of working with us

  • Outsource professional skills and knowledge on demand at a controlled and balanced cost
  • It is often a “spend and save” initiative with self financing from growth margins
  • IP-Config and our advisers work with a cross section of early stage, SME’s and corporations
  • IP-Config have introduced innovation, margin improvement and exceptional sales growth. See our Case Studies pages.

Where do we get our business from?

IP-Config exists on its strong track record and reputation. Most new business is by word of mouth. CEOs, investors, accountants, banks and technology companies talk to us about maximising innovation and growth for them and their customers.

Why do they talk to us?

To explore how we can provide a solution to common pain points in business.


We can engage short-term on a project, or long-term as part of your team.

If you recognise these needs and pain points IP-Config can help you.

  • Looking for high growth
  • Planning an exit
  • Launching new product
  • Looking for new geographic distribution
  • Early stage
  • Investor pressure
  • Flat or decreasing revenues
  • Need to increase profits
  • Looking to differentiate in the market

Featured Clients

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower Steve Jobs, Apple Inc