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IP-Config provides innovation at an organisational level to accelerate sales growth. IP-Config coaching provides inspiration at an individual and team level to accelerate performance. We help you develop your personal strategy to draw out your capability and maximise the potential of you and your team.

1:1 executive coaching for leaders and managers

1:1 coaching allows individuals who are working in highly demanding management positions time to reflect on their roles and responsibilities and make effective decisions. Coaching is a thought provoking process that facilitates clear and creative thinking and maximises professional capability.

An executive coaching programme typically comprises 4-6 sessions over a period of 6 months. Individual coaching sessions enable a confidential, in-depth analysis of issues and challenges, which result in the setting of specific objectives to be met before the next session. Clients benefit from the invaluable on-going support that a coaching relationship offers and become energised, committed and focused.

Team coaching for High Performance Teams

Team coaching is a proven way of helping teams work together in a collaborative way and cements each member’s commitment to the team and its objectives. It builds trust and respect and develops self-awareness and appreciation of each member’s skills and knowledge.

A team coaching programme comprises three group sessions – an initial session at the beginning to establish needs and set objectives, one during the programme to work on ways to enhance performance and one at the end to review progress and ensure sustainability. This group work is supplemented by each team member receiving their own confidential, individual coaching session at the outset of the programme.

Maternity Coaching

With more women in senior roles than ever before, maternity can have a serious impact on your organisation. A third of women don’t return to work after maternity leave – and those who do can find it difficult to manage the challenges of their dual role.

Women who have specialist maternity coaching during the transition from pregnancy to maternity leave and the return to work are more likely to rejoin their organisation and to handle the challenges well.

Gender Initiatives

We are passionate about supporting women to fulfill their dual potential and roles as successful professional and mother. We do this in two ways; firstly by offering women coaching intervention which enables them to step back, view the issues and challenges from a fresh perspective and come up with a workable plan that fits their life and work. Secondly we work with the organisation to overcome indigenous blocks to the female career path such as unconscious gender bias at times of promotion. Introducing specific initiatives can help organisations retain their valuable women and meet their gender targets.


We run events for organisations on topical, relevant issues. These usually take the format of a 2-hour early evening event starting with a keynote speaker and followed by facilitated discussion groups and sharing of thoughts and ideas.

In our experience events such as these are well received. They are fun and lighthearted but with serious content and intent. Not only does it provide a valuable networking opportunity but delegates also leave the event with clear ideas and actions about how they are going to use what they’ve learnt to address the challenges and issues they face.


We design and deliver bespoke in-house staff development programmes. Following internal discussions to fully understand the required outcomes of the programme we then put together the various training, mentoring and coaching components to deliver the objectives.

Who we are

Cara Moore and Vanessa Kingsmill are experienced business coaches with professional services backgrounds in Property and Law, who specialise in coaching senior executives in a wide range of organisations. With a proven track record of developing individual capability and accelerating performance, we can add value to your bottom line.

We understand the importance of demonstrating the ROI of coaching and so a pre and post evaluation of all coaching programmes is undertaken.

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If you would like to discuss how coaching can help your business and your people grow please contact Cara 07764 276925

Through coaching, organisations leverage their competitive advantage by investing in, supporting and developing their key employees.

Inspirational coaching:

  • enables talented individuals to perform at their best, improving productivity and profitability
  • helps retain key employees within an organisation, keeping their valuable professional skills, organisational knowledge and client relationships in-house
  • capitalises on an organisation’s investment in their staff and saves on the time and cost of the recruitment process and the integration period of new employees.

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Coaching is a popular and potent solution for ensuring top performance from an organisation’s most critical talent Harvard Business Review